Belmont-San Mateo Physical Therapy
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 Belmont-San Mateo Physical Therapy, established in 1988, provides outpatient physical therapy services in a modern, friendly, comfortable environment. Our treatments focus on individuals needs, lifestyles, work and hobbies. The goal oriented outcomes of the treatments are determined and set by the patient and therapist in close collaboration.

 Our approach utilizes manual “hands on” PT along with modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation. We offer a variety of exercise approaches ranging from stabilization techniques, balance programs, pilates, yoga therapeutics, posture, stretching, strengthening in a variety of ways and much more. The Belmont-San Mateo Physical Therapy Gym area offers diverse strengthening programs.


Treatment Philosophy

“Each person on program requires a different combination and mix of what we have to offer. By working closely with each patient, we can customize and design a treatment program that will best fit that person’s level and gradually improve to higher functioning and performance.”


J. Cohen, PT, founder, has lectured  nationally to Physical and Occupational Therapists about therapy techniques that are used during patient care and developed products for patient care.

“By continually expanding my skills and learning new approaches,
I am better able to solve the problems that the patients bring to the clinic”.