We have an Ergonomics Lab

Belmont-San Mateo Physical Therapy has an Ergonomics Lab for computer users which includes computer screen with adjustable heights, seating configurations, foot rests, a variety of mouse options, telephone and head set adaptations, cushions for posture and support, and other devices. Software recommendations include voice activated programs that reduce or avoid keyboard use by printing spoken text instead of being typed by the user. This equipment is for our patients to learn about the variety of options available to them for home use offices as well as at work.



Ergonomics equipment and adaptations alone are not enough. Proper posture can reduce many of the problems presented by our patients. Neutral head and shoulder posture, avoiding excessive lumbar curve, wrist and hand positions to reduce carpal tunnel, tendonitis and de quervains irritations are all part of the comprehensive posture program presented at Belmont-San Mateo Physical Therapy.