Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Belmont-San Mateo Physical Therapy?

Belmont-San Mateo Physical Therapy has been serving the Belmont-San Mateo area for 20 years. We are providers of all major and most local insurance plans. The founder and owner of the practice, Julie Cohen, PT has taught post-graduate classes to physical and occupational therapists all over the United States. Our approach is uniquely one on one with emphasis on that person’s lifestyle, work and hobbies. Because of the close attention and care that we give to our patients, we have been told by MD’s that they often send us their toughest patients as they know that those patients will get excellent and close personal care.

Do I need to see an MD?

Some insurances require a doctor’s prescription for physical therapy and some do not – it depends on your particular plan. A visit to the MD can clear you for physical therapy as the Dr. can distinguish if your problem is caused by a muscle, joint or posture problem and not some other disease process. If your problem is unfamiliar or new to you, you may want to first have an MD check, but if it is chronic and longstanding in nature or you know what the problem is from, you may want to come to physical therapy directly. Any surgical procedure will be accompanied by an MD note.

What will the first visit be like?

Bring your insurance card. If you went to an MD and a prescription or authorization was given to you for physical therapy, bring it. You will be asked to fill out a few forms at the office, or you may down load from this website under Patient Info.

A physical therapist will interview you and ask about the problem you are having. The therapist will ask about your lifestyle – if you work outside the home, your hobbies and what your goals are concerning your recovery. By asking these questions, the therapist will be able to understand your activity level, and plan a course of action with you. Most people show improvement from physical therapy.

What types of problems can a Physical Therapist at Belmont San Mateo Physical Therapy address and what types of programs can one find at Belmont-San Mateo Physical Therapy?


Muscle Weakness

Joint Problems

Posture Programs


Post-Operative Program

Balance Program

Spinal Programs

Exercise Programs

Women's Health