Our Commitment To Privacy

  • Your privacy is important to us.


  • This privacy policy applies to all information submitted to Belmont-San Mateo Physical Therapy concerning your personal information, medical history, and treatment recieved

  • at Belmont-San Mateo Physical Therapt.


  • Personal information and insurance information will not be relayed to vendors

  • for the purpose of sales or solicitation or any reason.

    Disclosure of health information is only for the purpose of communication with referring MD's and MD's involved in your medical care, and respondong to requests from your insurance company.  For legal cases, information will be released only if a consent is signed by the patient.



    How To Contact Us

    Should you have other questions or concerns about these privacy policies, please call us at 650-522-8850 or send us an email at info@bsm-physicaltherapy.com.