About the Patients...

We have had success with a wide variety of patients:
Strain/Sprain Post-op Recovery
Worker Compensation Back Injury
Seniors/Geriatric Repetitive Motion Injury
Sports Injury Whiplash
Women's Problems CVA
TMJ Parkinsonism
Preventative Ergonomics


Treatment Approaches and Programs...

Exercise Programs
Strengthening Programs
Sports Medicine-Technique Assessment, Event Training
Gym area and equipment
Post-Operative Recovery
Senior Programs-Arthritis, Balance & Flexibility, Joint Replacement
Back & Neck Spinal Stabilization Programs
Ergonomic, Posture and Body Mechanics-Work Station Assessments
Balance Training
Hand Therapy Specialist
Gait & Balance Training, Walking Program
Foot & Ankle
Custom splints for hand problems
Taping of foot, ankle, knee and shoulder
Reconditioning programs

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What types of problems and programs are addressed at Belmont-San Mateo Physical Therapy?

Muscle Weakness - A physical therapist at Belmont-San Mateo Physical Therapy can help decrease or eliminate pain caused by muscle weakness from disuse, disease, post-operative weakness, postural deviations and poor posture habits.

Joint Problems – Belmont San Mateo Physical Therapy sets goals to decrease joint pain with a variety of approaches including ultrasound, electric stimulation, heat/cold as needed as well as with programs to increase joint motion and flexibility. Common problems include arthritis and degenerative joint disease as well as a host of many other joint problems.

Posture Programs - Physical Therapy can help correct poor posture habits when standing, sitting, and even when laying down to go to sleep, as well as posture during daily everyday activities. Ergonomic evaluations including workstation set-up and suggested equipment as well as custom made splints for joint protection during repetitive motion activities may be individually designed for you.

Sports - Belmont-San Mateo Physical Therapy can assist athletes with targeted conditioning programs, training for specific events and competitions, and provide technique efficiency and execution recommendations to enhance performance. Our emphasis includes injury prevention and management.

Post-Operative Program - Fitness training to strengthen weakened muscles paced to the individuals recovery and following Doctor’s orders bring successful outcomes when recovering from surgery. Re-use activity for functional activities of daily living and return to leisure and recreational hobbies and sports are made practical with a goal oriented plan created by the patient, physical therapist and MD.

Balance Program – Belmont-San Mateo Physical Therapy has created a protocol that addresses the needs of Seniors and others who have an increased risk of falling. This popular program easily transforms to an enjoyable, safe and practical home exercise program.

Spinal ProgramsThis is a core program that has evolved over the last 20 years at Belmont-San Mateo Physical Therapy. It is comprehensive in that it includes:

  • Education about the problems that can occur to the spine.
  • Posture training and recommendations about assistive aides such as cushions and ergonomic chairs, and work station equipment.
  • Exercises that specifically effect and stabilize the spine as well as total body stabilization therapeutic exercises to prepare our spine to tackle life’s activities.
  • Training in safe methods and movements during activity at work, home and hobby that reduce the risk of injury and reinjury based on medical research articles.
  • Videos to further explain and reinforce our multifaceted approach to care, stabilization and protection of the spine.

Exercise Programs – If you are ready to start an exercise program or perhaps the present exercise program that you are on needs to be upgraded – we can adjust, fine tune, and work with beginner to advanced level people with many different approaches including stabilization exercises, pilates, yoga therapeutics, stretching & strengthening in a variety of forms, myofascial release unwinding, exercise ball and foam roller, and free weights. Sports programs assist training for competitions. Senior programs range from more vigorous to frail and elderly. Each exercise program is designed to suit that particular person’s level and goals.

Women's Health

Discomfort associated with Pregnancy Pelvic Pain and Discomfort
Carpal Tunnel Premenstrual and Menstrual Pain
Post-Partum Recovery Mastectomy Recovery
Urinary Incontinence Scar/Incision Pain
Neck and Mid-Back Pain Lower Back Pain

Please call for a phone consultation about treatment approaches for these and other related problems. 


Work Safety Work Site Evaluations Posture Training
Minimizing Injury/Strain Body Mechanics Energy Conservation
Stress Reduction Equipment Recommendations Work Station Set-Up
Repetitive Motion Analysis Specialist Hand Consultant Work Station Equipment Recommendations
On the Job Conditioning Protective Custom Made Splints Keyboarding & Mouse Analysis


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